Worldwide there are countless spiritual belief systems that include the idea of a person being ‘called’ to act as a spirit guide to escort newly-deceased or stuck and lost souls to the land of the dead. We are called psychopomps, Greek: ψυχοπομπός – psychopompos,  Psyche (soul/spirit/spark/breath) and Pomp (leader of the procession)… Roughly translated into “guide of souls”.

Our role is not to judge the deceased, but simply provide safe passage in the space between the land of the living and the world of the dead. These are referred to as “bardo states” where a newly dis-incarnate soul can face confusion and fear, much as a baby cries when it is born and takes its first lung full of air, It’s a shock to the system… and much like a lullaby and a warm cuddle helps on one end… the other end can be much the same… if we let go of our fear surrounding the whole death thing first. 

Psychopomp Info 101:

•A Psychopomp acts as an energetic Soul Midwife to the Dead or Dying.
•A Psychopomp witnesses the soul passing through the life and death crossroad/ Bardo state, and acts as a spirit companion for the soul journeying.
•A Psychopomp is an empathic channel who provides safe passage and heals spirit wounds in souls that are beyond the veil.
•A Psychopomp provides after death rituals or protective prayers on behalf of a non-corporeal (out of body) soul who is transitioning.
•A Psychopomp honours LIFE in all its forms, as nothing can be truly separate in the end.
•A Psychopomp confronts our death fearing society with the understanding that we ALL will die eventually, and works to create safe sacred spaces to feel, share and facilitate healthy attitudes about our relationship with Death.

In my research I have learned each psychopomp works differently, but each of us work towards the same goal of liberating stuck souls that are beyond the veil of Death. I have been a Conscious Psychopomp for over 15 years. I use conscious to mean, awake and engaged in the spiritual energies involved in psychopomp work. (READ MORE: “And what is it that you do, do?” and “Psychopomp Prayer for Journeying Souls”)

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More info about psychopomps: here and here.

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All Illustrations & Writings* ©2015 Cat Webb AKA Hecate's Daughter (*excepting 'Guest Posts' which belong to their respective authors... who are pretty fantastic... check out their sites too!)

I have received my understanding of the psychopomp/ soul process through my spirit guides, 15 years of research, speaking with other psychopomps, and of course personal experiences. This is NOT a one size fits all concept and this should be kept in mind when choosing to take on any of the ideas I have suggested here.
As always listen to your own spidey sense (intuition) first. Know Thyself.